Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Splitting a log for a wooden schooner

These photos are somewhat out of sequence but yesterday Harold tackled a massive white oak log that he wanted to cut and use for frame futtocks. The oak had a natural crux that is great for frame futtocks as it is so much stronger as the grain will follow the frame. It is not easy to get a log with that much curve in it from a regular sawyer. So, Harold was particularly pleased with its curved lines. It took a total of about 45 minutes to get the log on the sawmill for cutting. Harold first used his chainsaw but then use a sledgehammer and wedges for quite a while. All the while, the wood was making its own special crackling and squeaking sounds. Finally, it split and he had it on the sawmill. Thank you Eric, for some extra muscle!

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  1. great series of photos. documenting the construction this way is a great service. thank you.