Thursday, April 1, 2010

Looking Back to a Fun Visit from FOX news

Despite the national mood regarding politics and which TV station leans more to one side of the political spectrum, locals in Essex really enjoyed a visit from Fox News two springs ago...when Harold was chosen to answer a series of questions about Essex in a kind of pop quiz format.  When he was asked where to get the best fried clams in Essex in rapid fire format his answer was the Village Restaurant.  A few days later, Harold walked into the Village to have a bowl of Italian fish chowder and unbenownest to him the owners broke into a shout and gave him a big hug. They were very happy that he had thought of them and they were very happy with his praise of what is a great local restaurant. The other day, the Village Restaurant underwent a remodeling and they are very proud of it and the place looks great. Harold felt that they might need one more thing for their remodeling and he dashed to the barn and came back with a beautiful handcarved half-model, dusted it off and presented it to them. So, if you are at the Village Restaurant in Essex anytime soon, check out their new decor and the new half model somewhere in the restaurant!

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