Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fairing-In-Of-The-Lines - The Mould Loft

Harold is now in the process of laying off the lines for the new schooner Pinky Ardelle from his drawings. On the mould loft floor, the process of drawing the lines of a vessel to full size in plan and elevation begins. The point is to determine the exact
dimensions of the most important and fundamental parts of the structure. The necessity for drawing to full size arises from the extreme accuracy with which the dimensions of the various parts must
correspond with one another in order that when assembled there may be no irregularity or unfairnessin the surface of the vessel. The lofting process is colossally important and the key is to make the curves true and regular. As written in 1912 by Richard M. Van Gassbeek of the Pratt Institute 'a mechanical eye will save a great deal of labor, for much depends upon the fairing-in of the lines, as considerable injury may be done to a good design by deviating from the drawings.'

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