Friday, May 18, 2012

Zack Teal Returns to Boston on the Harvey Gamage this Sunday

Zack's adventure on the Harvey Gamage is coming to an end. We are looking forward to his return, but I am sure he will miss the experience and his new friends immensely - Jim Teal, May 18

in santa domingo (dominican republic) spending a week ashore volentering at a orphinage and then a ecofarm(whatever that is) and then after sailing for about 10 days and hopfully be back in the usa in about 2 and a half weeks. seen some awsome places and cant wait to see every one again(sometime around may 20th).  - Zack Teal, March 19 (they don't get to use FB very much during the semester at sea!)

Zack is off Cape Elizabeth, ME aboard the schooner Harvey Gamage en route and due to arrive Boston on Sunday, May 20 putting to an end of his junior year of high school's semester at sea. Zack has been aboard the vessel since January and arrived in the Caribbean to begin the journey. He has covered a lot of sea miles now and we all know - having been young once - that an experience like this is both hard to forget, hard to duplicate and life-altering. We are so looking forward to seeing Zack this summer and he will be a member of the Ardelle crew along with Alden and Perry Burnham. But, we also hope he savors his homecoming and has lots of time to see family - who after all - have had to do the worrying and waiting and who also have one great young person to be proud off. Welcome home, Zack!

Zack last August working on the spars
Perry, Zack and Chuck on one of our first rides on the Ardelle last August
Scary Clown has been wondering when Zack will come back.
Zack gets a standing ovation on the Ardelle

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