Friday, February 19, 2010

Fergus Stuart of Edinburgh, Scotland comes to the yard.

Young Fergus Stuart from Edinburgh, Scotland is working with Harold this week and is in the USA for four weeks. He found out about Harold through reading this blog (yeah!) and he works in Scotland using traditional wood construction techniques and is currently employed by a company that is undertaking the construction of the Robert "Robbie" Burns Memorial Museum north of Edinburgh. He is getting some great tips and bits of wisdom from Harold who is pictured above reading from the, seriously Harold is reading his work log from yesterday talking about the number of nails (36!) he took out of the wood they cut. This piece of wood will be part of the keel for the new schooner Harold is building.

Ferugs and Jeff Lane of Essex are also in the picture above at the sawmill.  Interestingly, Fergus tells us that in his construction project in Scotland they buy a lot of wood from France. In cutting the timber, they don't encounter nails as much as they do old bullets still deeply impacted into the trees of France since both WWI and WWII. 

Fergus is a great asset to the yard and good company. We hope he comes back again!

- Laurie Fullerton

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