Monday, February 22, 2010

Gloucester Times Writes about Harold's American Schooner Association Award

The Gloucester Times was kind enough to mention Harold on Saturday and his award from the American Schooner Association which was presented to him at the annual ASA meeting in Mystic, CT where he was also the featured speaker. It was a great event and well worth driving down to Mystic, CT.  Prior to the event, touring Mystic Seaport in the off-season, at dusk, in February was unique. It was a Friday afternoon and the place was about to close but we were able to have a quick walk around.  
Looking around at the schooners covered at the dock, shrouded by the dim street lights and the grey water it made that feeling of winter hibernation complete. But, the return of the sailing season is not as far off as it seems!

When the ASA gathered to meet on Saturday, we also got the treat of being around good people and hot coffee - always a great combination. To read the Gloucester Times article, click here.

- Laurie Fullerton

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