Friday, March 23, 2012

Davis Griffith at the Sawmill

The "Blue Ox" - Davis Griffiths' truck is used to load up freshly cut wood.

Davis Griffith has been working at the sawmill this past week. It's great to have him around.

Davis Griffith is a woodworker extraordinaire from Marblehead
 It has been great having Davis Griffith around the boatyard these past days and he has been busy at the sawmill cutting wood. He has just built a kiln for drying it and like many other folks around here he is busy on a variety of projects. While Davis is a gifted woodworker, he also has a business building beautiful pine coffins. Working out of his shop in Marblehead, Davis's is one of the finest woodworkers in the business today. He done a beautiful job working on a number of projects with Harold including the schooner Fame, the schooner Isabella and the Ardelle. Oh yeah, and he also makes an amazing eggs benedict and is known for cooking up some great meals on the yearly men's sail in October.

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