Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Good Day at the Maine Boatbuilders Show in Portland

Harold talks to boatbuilder, sailmaker and sailor Bruce Dyson, his wife Leanne and friends.

Harold talks with Fred Sterner from the American Schooner Association

Chris Hood of C.W. Hood yahcts and his beautiful 32-foot daysailer design.

Eric Graves of Boothbay Harbor Shipyard (left) and friends
A Steve White design from Brooklin Boatyard
Anohter shot of Chris Hood's award winning daysailor the 32-foot Katama.

We had a good day at the Maine Boatbuilders show yesterday and Harold got to catch up with a lot of boatbuilders and people in the industry. The Maine Boatbuilders’ show is a regional favorite and takes place in Portland, ME usually around St. Patrick’s day.  It has always attracted some serious buyers and some serious boatbuilders and also some serious gammers and we sort of fit in to the last category yesterday as folks now trying to get into the charter sailing trade we couldn’t really say we had a boat in the works this year but we got to pass out brochures on the schooner Ardelle.  It is a great show so if you are in the neighborhood check it out!

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