Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Graduate

Alden Burnham getting his high school diploma

Nice job, Alden!

Prom night!

Nicole D'Ambrosio, Alden, Harold and (Nona) Maria Burnham

Marching in the Memorial Day parade

Playing the alto sax
Alden, you are one to watch!
OK, we know this will embarrass and perhaps frustrate young Alden but we have to say this was a week or so of milestones. Alden Burnham graduated from Manchester-Essex Regional High School and did so in great style..finishing off a great career with the high school band, and winning the national John Philips Sousa award, also Alden took a beautiful girl named Nicole to the senior prom and basically took that diploma at a great graduation ceremony this past Friday night in style.  This coming Thursday night we are going to have his graduation party on the Ardelle. Alden will be heading to Boston University on Sept. 1 so we do feel we need to take this opportunity to say you are one to watch, Alden, you will be great.

Alden in 2007 sailing with his dad, Harold, in the "Dunno" which Alden  and Aaron Snyder re-built that fall.
Harold and Alden working putting the finishing touches of paint on the Ardelle this past spring. 

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