Friday, June 22, 2012

A Mid-Morning Whiskey Plank Party...Well, Not Exactly.

We have been sorely neglecting our unsung heroes of the boatyard and would feel remiss if we did not say what an awesome job Bruce Slifer, with the help of Bernie Power and Mike Dyer, have been doing on building new spars for the Schooner Adventure.  What Bruce and Bernie are celebrating is the whiskey to speak...on the new Adventure boom seen in the bottom picture. They have been working through mud, rain, and heat to fit together and epoxy in place the pieces for this massive 65-foot Fir main boom. Great job Bruce and Bernie and you are truly the schooner Adventures' secret weapons...and have been working as volunteers without fanfare or much thanks and doing a great job!

Bernie and Bruce have a wee dram (of coffee that is) which Kathy Slifer brought over for the men. 

Fir main boom will be 65-feet long

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