Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ardelle In the Creek

Ardelle in the creek by Len Burgess
Thank you Len Burgess for sending us this nice shot of the Ardelle at its winter tie-up (top photo) and Messing Around in Boats publisher Bob Hicks for the second photo!  Harold has been busy pouring cement into her bilges and is finishing up the foc'scle tomorrow. He has the cement mixer on the deck of the Ardelle and has been on his hands and knees pouring cement for ...well, way too long he feels. Harold should be pouring the last bucket this afternoon and he can then finally start putting the boat in order for the winter.  Before that, he may have the boat decorated a bit for next Friday's arrival of Santa at the town docks of Essex. Might as well start getting into the Christmas spirit!

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