Sunday, November 13, 2011

A November Turn Around and An Impromptu Reunion

Clammer Shack on the Essex River

The Maine Sits in the Creek

Chad Gadbois and his son, Fisher on the Ardelle

A Great Blue Heron on the marsh

John O'Neil, Tad Beck (center) and her daughter Sarah. Mrs. Beck turned 93 today! Happy Birthday.

Daisy tries to stay awake
After we turned the Ardelle around and put her back in the creek, we ended up having an impromptu reunion with crew and frieds Chad and his son, Justin Ingersoll and Jasmine, Bruce and Kathy Slifer who just returned from visiting thier son and family in Scotland, Sara, John and Tad Beck and harold.
Today we took the Ardelle out of the creek and turned her around and we happened to have Chad Gadbois and his son and Tad Beck, who turned 93 today on board among others. After we got in some more of the crew turned up to say hi so it was an impromptu reunion. It was great to see everyone...since the Ardelle got sailing in September we have not seen the crew as much and we have all scattered or gone back to our lives. It must have been one of those days where folks felt drawn to the boat because we had quite a great gathering. Hope it happens again soon!

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