Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Harold - A Fashion Icon?!

This article appeared today in the Boston Herald online. Harold is going to have fun down in Dedham tomorrow...judging the contest!  Check it out at this link or read below:

Essex boatbuilder inspires Carhartt’s new Legacy Place shop

Cam Neely is lined up for tomorrow’s grand opening of Carhartt’s first New England store at Legacy Place in Dedham (next to Kings).


The man to see - whose Essex boatbuilding shop inspired the store - is Harold Burnham. The 44-year-old, who owns H.A. Burnham, donated more than 30 pieces of worn Carhartt to the company.

It’s demanding work on us, but in particular it’s demanding on the clothes,” he said. “We spend a lot of times on our knees, crawling around in tight quarters, in the snow and in the heat. It’s very demanding on the apparel.

“The only clothes we found that stand up are Carhartt. It stands up to the publishment and it’s comfortable to wear,” he added (see Burnham images below).

Burnham also sold the company sails and half-models, which are being used as art in the store.

“They photographed the shop and the yard, and the New England quaintness of it all,” he said. “They modelled the store after my shop. The signs are on the counter. I consider it a real honor.”

Tomorrow’s 4.p.m ribbon-cutting - er, sledgehammering (seriously) - is open to the public, and will also include a Wicked, Worn and Torn Carhartt contest with new merchandise being the prize.

Tough to beat!

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