Saturday, December 3, 2011

Harold Finally Gets a New Wardrobe

Harold's pants and much of the shop are replicated at the new Carhartt store at Legacy Place in Dedham, MA. They did a great job with the store and it is worth a look. Thanks, Mike Rutstien, for the FAME flag.  Photo by Perry Ardelle Burnham.
We had a great time last Thursday night at the grand opening of the new Carhartt store at Legacy Place in Dedham, MA.  The story is quite interesting but this past fall, some fellows from Seattle came by the shop and I guess some lightbulbs started going off over their heads. Their task was to design a brand new Carhartt retail store. So, they bought up a lot of items from the shop including all of Harold's old Carhartt pants and shorts as well as his designs, the FAME flag (the old one) and tools. They used our staging as fllooring in the new store, they replicated Andy Spinney's work bench and a lot of old tools. They have the Burnham Boatbuilding sign up. But, the fun part was that the Carhartt top brass were all at the event, including the current CEO whose great grandfather was a Carhartt. This family run business out of Dearborn, Michigan is just venturing out into the retail store business...but on opening night they invited hockey great Cam Neely to sign some autographs. But, the real stars were actually the folks who really wear the clothes, so Chuck Redman, Tim Walsh, and Harold had a lot of fun talking about boatbuilding to folks. It was a great time, and we wish the Carhartt folks the best of luck with their new store. And, thank you for the new clothes!

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