Sunday, December 11, 2011

Launching the new Gundalow in the Piscataqua River

The new Gundalow along the Piscataqua river in Portsmouth, N.H.

Gundalow looks ready to launch

This vessel is nearly 65--feet long

Starting to move into the river

Has to be christened first

Shipwright and builder Paul Rollins left and Executive Director of the Gundalow Company Molly Bolster. Great job you all!

Harold watches the Gundalow launch.

Another shot of the Gundalow
A great scene
We had a great day yesterday with Barry O'Brien and Jeff Lane at the launch of the new Gundalow in Portsmouth, N.H. called "Piscataqua" built by shipwright Paul Rollins of York, Maine.  Some of you may remember in 2007 and 2008 when Harold was involved with the Gundalow Company and worked on the preliminary designs for this vessel. Although Harold moved on to other projects, we think that Paul Rollins, Nate Piper, Molly Bolster and the folks in Portsmouth and at the Gundalow company have a lot to be proud of and they did a beautiful job building the new vessel. We think the boat is well suited to its mission and we are looking forward to seeing them up and down the Piscataqua River next spring and hope to visit them in the Ardelle. Thanks Barry O'Brien for the photos!

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  1. Those are some sharp new ski pants Harold. :-)