Friday, December 23, 2011

Double Eagle Crosses the Border from Manchester

Double Eagle in the basin
As usual, we were happy to have Jocelyn Marine from Newburyport, Mass. help us out on Wednesday getting the Double Eagle into the yard for some winter work.  Over the years, Jocelyn has brought many boats into the yard  - and sometimes the condition in our swamp make things challenging for them to get back out. This time, however, a quick two-day freeze just before Double Eagle arrived allowed them to back right in and drive right out without the assistance of our good old 1942 ex-military/retired No. 7 firetruck from Cumberland, ME that has on occasion had to drag truck, trailer and boat out of the muck.  Thanks – Jocelyn – for all the great service here and good times!
HArold by the waters edge

Jocelyn Does a Great Job Hauling Boats!

Jocelyn Hauls the Boat from the Town Ramp

Coming up Burnham Court

Nice turn!

Making room for the Double Eagle

Passing by the front yard

"Chuckies" fence is untouched

Not a hitch.

No problems.

In the yard for winter work.

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