Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year from Burnham Boatbuilding

The owner of Carhartts, Mark Valade and the president of the Boston Bruins Cam Neely. Photo by Perry Burnham

We hope you all had a great holiday and we wish you all the best for 2012. We went skiing at Wildcat Mountain for a few days and we skied with family and friends including Perry, Alden and Nicole who came up for a day at Wildcat. We wanted to also include some shots of the recent opening of one of the only Carhartt retail stores in the USA...and this one is in Dedham, Mass. What is fun is that the CEO of Carhartt, Mark Valade who is related to Hamilton Carhartt who founded the brand in 1889, was great fun to meet..as was Cam Neely. Anyway, we told Mr. Valade that Carhartt makes great ski gear so we just thought we would post Harold in his the other day!  Anyway, we are looking forward to a great year...and hope you are too.

We told the owner of Carhartts that his clothes make great ski wear. Well, Harold again sets a fashion trend with his Carhartt overalls, vest and his particular favorite...his second hand Spider Man ski helmet. Photo by Perry Burnham.

Alden Burnham and Nicole D'Ambrosia take a break on the ski hill.

Chrissy Noriega and Perry Burnham at the Carhartt opening. Perry models a Carhartt hat.

Alden Burnham on skis.

Chuck Redman and Harold Burnham at the Carhartt opening.

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