Monday, January 30, 2012

Pizza with the Navy

 Last week, Harold put on his professiorial cap for four days where he traveled into Cambridge, Mass. and taught an AIP course at MIT in half-model making. The course was held simultaneously with an AIP Class by Will West who taught drafting using Nat Herreshoff designs. So, in layman's terms the students got to see two ways that lines are  used in design (without the ever-present computer). At the end of the four days, the students all had completed half models of a Herreshoff design for their efforts and by all accounts the classes were a success. This is the second time Harold has taught the class there and he really enjoyed sharing what he knows.

Four of the students (pictured below) are also actively in the US Navy and are attending MIT as post-graduates studying naval architecture. They are in a rigorous program that upon graduation (three year post-grad program) they will most likely work as project managers in shipyards for the Navy. The class had eight students - both male and female - but it really didn't surprise us that the four "Navy guys" took the opportunity to come and see the boatyard and the Ardelle on the last afternoon of class. It was a long drive out to Essex for them in the pouring rain but they really enjoyed it and the reward was pizza and a few jokes by the wood stove before they headed back to MIT. Thanks for coming by guys, and we wish you well!
Four students from Harold's AIP course at MIT (an active in the US Navy) came by on the last day of class to see the yard and the Ardelle.

Our four visitors from MIT (who are also actively in the US Navy) came to the boatyard and stayed for pizza!

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