Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Good Time Was Had By All

Harold outside the house during our party last night. Photos by Perry Ardelle Burnham.

Daisy always join in. Photo by Perry Ardelle Burnham.
The house with is lit up. 
Friends and colleagues, Joanne Souza, the executive director of the Schooner Adventure and Capt. Mike Rutstien of the FAME of Salem.

While everyone was excited to watch the New England Patirots hand Tebow his hat during last night's game, we had time to squeeze in our annual "celebrating the end of the holidays" holiday party. So, we had enough people to fill the boat and the house and some fantastic food was brought in including some amazing homemade bread (thank you Kristen!) and smoked fish, thanks to Joanne...amongst many other great dishes.
The bitter wind and cold temperatures meant that the Ardelle groaned a bit in the creek although she was happy to have the wood stove going to keep everyone warm while inside. Hope everyone has a great January and thanks also to Perry for the photos!

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