Thursday, October 7, 2010

Keep on Building While the Weather Is Good

October is a great month for boatbuilding but also is the time when early in the month, Harold has traditionally gone sailing with a group of men. They are a good bunch and actually are the finest kind. The trip this time includes Harold, cousin Steve and Tom Hastings, Davis Griffith, Pierre Erhard, Chuck Redman, and perhaps one other.

Hopefully this year they will get to Martha's Vineyard but it does depend on breeze. It should be a good time and when Harold returns - batteries recharged - look for some more frames and the boat should start taking on a real shape.  If you check out the Burnham Boatbuilding website, we have an update photo every 15 minutes so you can see for yourselves how much progress Harold made this week before tossing the tools aside for a long weekend of sailing. For my part, I am in Bermuda and reporting on an event formerly called the King Edward VII Gold Cup. Bermuda is a great, great place and the event takes place at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and there are host families that offer up a spare room, so life is good. I have been writing for the Royal Bermuda Gazette newspaper...and my latest story appeared today. And, on a final note, I have been keeping track of the views and hits on this blog and we get about 100 per day, with people reading about the schooner from Croatia to Germany to Philippines. Thanks everyone for the interest and support!

Chuck is starting to become an old salt!
Harold is making progress on the stern. Today, Oct. 7, Harold is sailing around Cape Ann and beyond, Laurie is in Bermuda and Daisy is staying with Chuckie. Reports from Harold is that she would like someone to take her for a long look for Chuckie around town!


Yesh,whoops..the blogger (Laurie Fullerton) is actually here today, Oct. 7

The bow is looking good.

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