Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cranberries and A Quick Look Back

There is lots more progress going on with the Pinky Ardelle and today is Sunday so for the first time in about eight months Harold did not work on the Ardelle but took the day off. We went down river in the skiff and out on the far end of Crane Beach there are wild cranberries that still grow there so we picked bags full of cranberries and used some of them to go with our turkey dinner tonight. It was a cold, rather raw late October day but the cranberries were hearty and are really good as a sauce.

The day off was well earned and there is no question that most of what Harold does is work but he does have an uncanny ability to have fun. We thought we would just post a few photos that have appeared on the blog since it started a year ago this past September. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Young Harold was always into boats
Kate and Ben were here in June working on the Flying Jib
One of our favorite messages from the keel laying and signing ceremony of the Ardelle

Pierre Erhard drives in a trunnel
A younger Perry and Daisy as a pup aboard the Pinky Maine
Harold taught a class at MIT in the winter. One of the students considered being an apprentice. Maybe another time!

Geoff Gordon was pleased with the revisions on his boat this June
Getting Sawdust launched was a great day for Eric Borden and his family

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