Monday, October 18, 2010

Todays Birds Eye View of the Yard

This is the time-lapse photo today.

Whenever I am walking around upstairs in the house, I hear the shutter of a camera lense closing and opening and remember that every 15-minutes or so, we are photographing the progess of the Pinky Ardelle. Sometimes the yard is pitch dark or like today, sun out and water glistening, there is a good full view of the schooner under construction. It is fun to check the website whenever and see what is going on. Sometimes one sees the people, other times it is just the schooner (oh, with the scary clown now sitting to the left of the schooner on a nearby plank.) The scary clown has been a source of some discussion, as one passerby thought it was a young child and another thought it was a blond lady over in the yard. Still others, like my dog, think it is a scary clown...while our intrepid photographer Dan Tobyne thinks it is a big pain in the his artistic eye is often setting up a photo, only to find the scary clown has founds its way into the frame. Ugh. Anyone have a better idea for a mascot?

Some of us don't really like scary clown, including me, but every Burnham built boat has had an odd mascot in the yard.

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