Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Final Sail of the Pinky Maine

Leaving Essex for the fall sail
The guys sailed to Marblehead and they got a great reception
The fall sail with the boys...aboard the Pinky Maine
Setting off on the annual fall sail with the boys...the Pinky Maine's last hurrah
With the Pinky Ardelle going together, the boys decided to take the Maine out for one last thrash around Cape Ann.  There was no shortage of wind and we did our best to get her leaking so that at one point we pulled the bolts for the chain plate up through the frames, planks and ceiling…that it became very clear why we are building a new schooner.  The Maine did well and brought us home. 
Steven Hastings, Tom Hastings, Pierre Erhard, Chuck Redman and Ned from Rockport had a good time once again and when sailing into Marblehead got a great receptions from a group of ‘headers who gathered at the dock.
After leaving Marblehead, the sail was great but the last bit from Annisquam to Essex was pretty wild as we had to beat into a northerly and gusts were well over 30 mph.  We still managed to eat well, having eggs benedict and Steven’s rooster stew which he kept cooking in spite of the water pouring down the stove pipe.
It looks like this will be the last sail aboard the Pinky Maine so she did well and a good time was had by all. We will miss her.

Leaving Marblehead 

It started off fairly gentle heading to Marblehead
It was getting cold
The boys sailed hone in Gale force winds!


  1. why last? last for the season or forever?

  2. ... forever, sigh. We will use some of her parts for the new schooner! Want to buy an old boat with a few parts missing?