Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everything Is Up in the Air

Bernie Power on the stern atop scaffolding.

Bernie Power gets a birds eye view of the Essex Basin
Not a bad view, at all
Harold has to get a good look down before he starts drilling. Photo by Dan Tobyne

The stern post is now bolted since this photo was taken. Photo by Dan Tobyne.
Trying to keep up with the ongoing work on the Ardelle and at the time of writing the stern is bolted in tight. Today the gang are getting up another frame, with bulkhead and the propellor is in. Bernie Power was up high on some scaffolding he brought for Harold and his skills have been most welcome. Bernie is a retired building contractor who has worked in construction, carpentry and the trades throughout his career. He is originally from Prince Edward Island, Canada and has lived in the area for quite some time.

Now in his 70s, Bernie has told us that he likes to be busy, and he certainly has been working hard for us. Thank you so much Bernie. Next week he has a much deserved break with his family but he has certainly earned everyones repsect here in the short time he has volunteered here.

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