Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Four Frames Went Up this Past Weekend

Last Saturday four frames went up as the sun went down. Harold and Zach pictured here.

One of the frames coming out of the barn. As you can see, they are getting just a little smaller as the framing process continues. Still heavy, though!

Eric Borden worked a long time on cutting trunnels and getting the machine up to snuff

Harold essentially nails down a frame so it stays in place until the bolting process.

Thanks to Davis Griffith and his truck, the Blue Ox, four frames went up with fewer men...still a tough day's work
Thanks to Dan Tobyne for some great shots taken last Saturday when we had a big crew here helping get four frames up. Davis Griffith arrived Sat. afternoon with the Blue Ox, his truck, and although the men carried the frames out from the barn, his truck helped move the frames into place, saving some backbreaking lifting and keeping things going til dark.  Thanks to everyone who helped out...and the schooner is really starting to take shape!

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