Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Frames Going Up this Saturday

The tides have been so high this week the keel is getting a taste of salt
Zach is bolting the frames
Harold and his Dad, Chuck, consulting on the next step.
Chuck Redman has been making all of the molds in the loft to help build the frames
Harold getting ready to cut another frame.
A great view from did you do that, Dan?
Harold and Zach sharpening the drill bits before boring holes.
Boatbuilding is fun but it can stretch your face sometimes! Photo enhanced by Perry Ardelle Burnham.

There has been a lot of futtock making and frame building going on this week. Harold, Zach, Chuck and Bernie have been getting bronze rods through the frames, Chuck is finishing up in the loft with almost all of the frame molds and Harold is hoping to have a bit of a marathon session building frames in order to hoist three or four on Saturday. Alden had a day off from school so he helped put together a frame this week and is looking forward to the planking process and we are getting close. Geoffrey Richon and Steve Willard have been regular workers here too and are an excellent addition while Davis Griffith will be here Saturday for a mini-Frame Up day. This Saturday afternoon will be a good session here for anyone interested in helping lift a frame.  As the framing process is starting to really move along, the end is in sight. By early December, Harold hopes to start planking. So, when you see the steam box come out - it is time to plank.  All photos by Dan Tobyne. Final photo by Perry Ardelle Burnham. Perry's photography skills are also a huge asset and although this final one is just for fun, she has been documenting a lot of the work. Perry put together a power point presentation for Harold based on her photos which he used in a slideshow presentation last night at the Traditional Small Craft Association meeting. Great job, Perry!

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