Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Saturday So There Must Be Some Frames Going Up

Yesterday was a good day in the boatyard as Harold and the gang finished up two more frames. Around 4 p.m. Harold went and banged on our neighbors doors and John Symonds and Simon Koch came out to help, John Drake , David Brown and Jeff Lane walked over from work they were doing at the Essex Shipbuilding museum, Henry S.. and Jake Heard came by, Zach and Aaron Snyder were helping out all day, Pierre Erhard and Chuck Redman, and finally Chuckie Burnham all pitched in. As of today, there are 14 frames up and when we asked Harold how many more were needed his answer was "as many as it takes" but the good news is the frames get smaller now and are slightly easier to put together and carry. Great day, and thanks to everyone who dropped what they were doing when they heard the shout Frame Up!

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