Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gloucester Times Talks about the Shipwrights

Chuck Redman, Justin Ingersoll and Bruce Silfer were featured in the Gloucester Times artice. They are seen here planking. Check out the GT video here!

Harold is Seen Here Checking the Plank Line

Justin Ingersoll is clamping a freshly steamed plank in place

Once the plank is trunnel fastened the ends are sawn off. The trunnel ends are saved and used as tickets for a charter!

Steve Willard made an awesome seafood chowder and the crew enjoyed on Saturday!

The Gloucester Times had a great story in yesterday's paper about Harold and the shipwrights who volunteer here. It has been a great experience having so much support and help and the article written by Stephen Fletcher really captured it all and the article link is here: The Ardelle takes shape: Volunteers help Essex's Burnham raise new schooner. Here is an exerpt as well: 

The pinky Ardelle's construction in Essex is drawing a crowd nearly as large as boat builder Harold Burnham expects to have when he starts chartering the vessel. Burnham and a crew of volunteers, who finished the schooner's frame in January, are now laying on planks to form the hull. The Ardelle, crafted outdoors in line with the town's boat building tradition, is Burnham's sixth boat and his largest since the schooner Thomas E. Lannon, and Burnham's crew is as local as his lumber. "Everybody fits in," said Pierre Erhard, an arborist who provided some of the lumber for the Ardelle's planks and frame.
The crew comes to work with varying experience, Burnham said while leading the effort Thursday afternoon. And most often, apprentice boat builders and enthusiasts, like Erhard, stop by to help construct the vessel.
Also, view the Gloucester Times video here!

Here is the link to the whole story!

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