Friday, February 18, 2011

Mug Up! Tomorrow at Essex Shipbuilding Museum; Sailmaking Goes On

The yard is busy both on the Ardelle and in the loft with Chuck Redman now building the sails for the schooner. Sailmaking is something of a solitary job - but anyone who has ever worked in a sailoft knows that it is a very satisfying kind of work. Chuck is doing a great job on the sails but is able to come down from the loft to help with the planking. The shipwrights are now on the sevent strake and Justin Ingersoll has cut nearly every plank, thank you Justin! Harold says pretty soon it is going to look like a real boat. He has been gathering up jack stands and getting ready to build the staging as the planks rise. Leaving the ground may be in part a good thing as Harold and many of the shipwrights have been working long hours standing on sixteen inches of ice. The weather is getting more changeable and today we have a warm one so their ice foundation will start to slowly turn into mush - not sure which is worse!

In any event, tomorrow, Sat., Feb. 19 the Essex Shipbuilding Museum is hosting a "Mug Up' from 10am to 1pm at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum located at 66 Main Street where coffee, tea and cocoa will be provided. After a brief introduction to the story of Essex shipbuilding, guided tours will visit the Burnham shipyard where Ardelle is under construction. Harold Burnham and the Museum’s guides will explain to visitors what is happening at that moment as well as answering visitor questions. For more information on the Mug Up go to the Essex Shipbuilding Museum website. Hope to see you then! Thank you Dan Tobyne for more great photographs.
Chuck Redman is making the main sail for the Ardelle

/Sailmaking is a big part of boatbuilding. Churck Redman in the driver's seat and doing well. OK, Ladies, he can also cook!

Sailmaking is a solitary but rewarding job.

Justin Ingersoll, Geoffrey Richon and Geoff's dog are actually on about six inches of ice covered with sawdust.

Zach Teal, also kneeling on six inches of ice, is getting ready to saw off the trunnel ends.

Four strakes were on the stern when this photo was taken but there will be seven by tomorrow!
Schooner Ardelle hourly update
Today's timelapse photo shows how the planks are going on. By Saturday, Harold says he will be halway to the sheer line.

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