Sunday, February 27, 2011

Planking Has Rounded the Halfway Point!

Plank Headed for the Steam Box

The Stern is Really Taking Shape Now!

Yesterday - Saturday - was a good day in the shipyard with nearly eight strakes completed meaning Harold can confidently say that planking is very much at the halfway point. The first plank went on the Ardelle on January 25, and as it is nearly March it may be safe to say that planking could be finished by the first day of spring - here's hoping! There have been some more great shipwrights coming by especially on Saturday and we thank you all for your great work!

A fairly recent shot of the Schooner Ardelle. The ladder enables the shipwrights to climb in and work on trunels and wedges.

Chuck Burnham marks where the caulking is complete.

Cotton and oakum are used in caulking.
A nice black and white photo. All photos by Dan Tobyne.

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