Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wooden Boat Magazine Features a Short Piece on the Ardelle

David Wyman, naval architect and marine engineer has been a sound advisor to Harold in designing the Ardelle
The Wooden Boat March/April 2011 issue came out with a great article mentioning the schooner Ardelle in their CURRENTS section and mentioned pinkie schooners and their design. However, there was an omission which we feel should be corrected for the record in mentioning the Ardelle’s design. Although the Lewis H. Story, the Fame, and the Lannon were designed and built by Harold – all of the vessels have been created in partnership with other talented individuals. Prior to 2004, Capt. David Fulsom of the US Coast Guard worked very closely with helping Harold with the Coast Guard regulations. Since Capt. Fulsom's passing, Harold has worked very closely with Mr. David Wyman, naval architect and marine engineer of Camden, Maine.  On the Ardelle in particular, David has been extremely generous in sharing his knowledge and expertise and has made her a better vessel and we are extremely grateful to him for his efforts in ensuring that the vessel meets all Coast Guard regulations and standards. Thank you, Wooden Boat, for the article and for using Dan Tobyne's great photos and THANK YOU David Wyman for all you do! HAB

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