Monday, February 27, 2012

Bringing Logs from Hog Island by Boat

Harold, Steve Willard and Bruce Slifer were on Hog Island today and came back with logs that will become the spars for the schooner Adventure

Harold is glad to get the spars down river

Two spars coming down river

Nice job guys!

That you Lenny Burgess for these photos of Harold, Steve Willard and Bruce Slifer coming down river today. A steady crew of volunteers has now cut down two spruce trees and shaped them into pieces that will be used to make the fore gaff , the fore boom and the .jumbo club for the schooner Adventure. Harold, Pierre Erhard, Bill Whitney, Bill Holmes, Steve Willard and Bruce Slifer have now all been to Hog Island and back this past month and have done a great job!

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