Monday, February 13, 2012

Squaring Up the Timber

On Thursday and Friday last week, Harold and Bruce Slifer returned to Hog Island to begin "squaring up the timber" before they remove it by boat from the island. First, they limbed out the trees and neatly put the brush in piles as part of their kid glove approach to forestry. Then, they cut the spars to length and started squaring them up. Right now the fore boom and the fpre gaff for the Schooner Adventure are ready and waiting for the next good tide to bring them off the island.
This spruce log will be used for spars for the schooner Adventure

Pierre Erhard cut two spruce trees on Hog Island last week. Bruce Slifer and Harold  set about making them into spars. They will then tow the spars down river from Hog Island to the Burnham yard.

Harold is making a flat on the log which gets rid of the waste and prepares the log to be made into a spar.

Taking a slab of the tree will make it easier to tow off the island.

This is the log with the slab split off. 

This is for your Deb!

Before the log slab was cut, Bruce knocked the  remaining limbs off.

Bruce using a large axe.

Good day on Hog Island