Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ardelle Passes Her Stability Test

The US Coast Guard conducted the all important stability test yesterday and we passed! Thank you USCG for the photos here

The barrels are full of water and set on heavy pine...and measured.

The test took about two hours.

The test was thorough and went very well.
We celebrated at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum last evening. Thanks Perry Ardelle Burnham for this foto.
Photo by Perry Ardelle Burnham
Photo by Perry Ardelle Burnham
Photo by Perry Ardelle Burnham

The barrels were moved to one side...as the testing wrapped up.

Yesterday was a hectic day as the US Coast Guard arrived for the all important stability test.  The test involved filling large blue barrels with water and loading the schooner with heavy pine. The barrels were moved around the boat…simulating the weight of up to 49 passengers.  Well, the passengers…er I mean barrels…were moved here and there and passed all of their tests. Passing the stability test is a huge hurdle and the crew and the Coast Guard worked through the hot afternoon to get the job done. All we can say is thank you to the USCG for all your hard work and dedication … we have been working with you all year and have learned a lot from you and we look forward to sailing with you soon!  After we passed the stability test, the barrels came off, the pine boards came off and the work continues today. Tomorrow we sail for Gloucester!  We are all looking forward to arriving at Maritime Gloucester at 630 p.m for a celebration!

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