Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scary Clown Makes a Splash!

We have a late breaking update here at Burnham some of you know, twice a day the Ardelle grounds out while she is on the moorings and slowly settles down on one bilge here in the Essex river basin.  Occassionally,  a few things get left on deck that we hear slide down into the bulwarks. Tonight, as the Ardelle settled on her bilge, we heard that sliding sound and then splash!  We realized something (ballast, tools, stanchion or what have you) had gone overboard and was possibly gone for good.  So, Harold decided to row out in the dark and have a look.  And, while passing under the bow, there it was. Scary Clown's upturned head had come off his body and slid through the freeing port.  Harold yelled back to the's is the clown's head!  That really settles it ... we can't leave Essex on Wednesday without that clown. Some have suggested a sea burial once we leave the river....but this clown has nine lives at least!
Scary Clown has a close encounter...losing its head overboard...thankfully rescued by Harold.

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