Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Almost Time to "Bend the Sails"

Capt. Simon Koch, our neighbor and a great sailor. He has been a great help with the rig.

The mast stepping was a great sight.

Zach Teal gets a birds eye view from a top the mast

Zach heading up the mast.

Harold gets a knee on the trestle trees

No, it is not really fun up there.

Dave Brown is a great rigger and educator extraordinaire.

The mast stepping is full of interesting moments.

Harold is pleased with the way the masts look.

On Saturday, the crew stepped the two masts on the Ardelle and the rigging process began the following day. The process of building every part of the rig has been ongoing in that Chuck Redman made the sails over the winter and the spars were also built as time allowed. Rigging a schooner is yet another complex phase of the work and just when everyone here can see the horizon off Cape Ann in their minds, and imagine the boat under sail, the rigging still has to get done. We have some great help and yesterday Harold and Zach Teal went up the mast, and, yes, it feels pretty lonely up their at the top. With the exception of trapeze artists, most humans like to be looking up at the masts, and not looking down at the deck from 60 feet in the air without a net. So, we are glad that the rigging process is nearly complete..and it looks like the booms will be on today and we will hopefully be "bending the sails" on today or tomorrow.  Bending a sail really means fastening it to its yard or stay. So, although we won't be sailing yet, look for the sails on the short horizon between the barn and the creek, and you will get a taste of what the Ardelle will look like under full sail.

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