Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ardelle Had Maiden Voyage Down River

Ardelle had her maiden voyage down river yesterday

The crew took Ardelle down river, and many took a swim off of her as well!

Trestle Trees being made for the masts

Scary Clown made it through the launch and is now resting on the old bench!

Harold, Zach and Bruce - Bruce has done a great job on the masts!

Bulwarks were painted the other day. And, the cap rails are done too!

Chuck is helping get the boat out of the creek. We took a maiden voyage on Monday this week down the Essex River!

The Engine Room is actually nearly finished now, and the engine runs well!
A great deal of work has been going on with the Ardelle and yesterday the crew were able to take it down the Essex river for its maiden voyage. The top mast is now going on the main mast. The engine room and engine installation is done, the spars are getting a lot of work done. The deck, bulwarks and caprails are being painted. Paul Schwartz has delivered to beautiful cabin tops so the cabin tops are down.