Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sails Going On Today and the Crew is Taking a Ride Down River

A great "second" maiden volage down river and back on the Ardelle.

 Yesterday, we had a great ride down river on the Ardelle and today we are putting on the sails and will have our first sail on the Ardelle. We are doing a stability test and getting the crew together for a sail. Yesterday, Harold and the crew got the lead all into the boat and the top mast on. We had a lot of fun yesterday on the river but a lot of hard work went on, too. It looks like this week the vessel will really begin to look more shipshape with more finishing touches and a visit from the Coast Guard, too. Stay tuned for more photos and updates on when we head over to Gloucester and move to the Heritage Center.
This a.m. the Ardelle is on its side...yep, when the tides is out...she rests on her side. Time to head for Gloucester harbor..soon enough!

Charles "Chuckie" Burnham enjoys his first ride on the Ardelle; named after his mother.

Grandmother Lane rings the bell from her porch as we motor past her on the Ardelle. Her two grandsons, Zach Teal and Jeff Lane were on board.

Scary clown did survive a years' worth of hard work and tough conditions so we put his head back on and gave him a great view of the river on his first ride.

Tom and Steve Hastings (and Stephanie) get a good look at the Ardelle. The schooner is named after their grandmother, too, as their mom Lois and Chuckie are brother and sister.

Zach and Chuck were not just on the Ardelle for a ride they really did build her, too.

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