Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thanks for the Photos, Folks!

Our friend Cheryl Andrews from Provincetown, who organizes the Great Provincetown Schooner Race each year, came aboard with some friends during the recent visit by Ardelle to P'town. Harold tells us that Cheryl and crew had a bit of "octopus stew" made by the Hastings brothers (I think it is a kind of beef stew, really)... They arrived at night and left the next morning for Scituate and then  headed back to Gloucester.

Thanks Cheryl for the photos!

Harold and the crew in Provincetown. Photo by Cheryl Andrews.

Photo by Cheryl Andrews

Bill Ellegood took these photos from the Schooner Lannon last Sunday

Thanks, Ray Mello foe sending this photo from last Monday!

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