Sunday, October 2, 2011

Get Well Soon Dan..Off to Maine If the Wind is Right

We heard from Dan Tobyne - who wanted to go on the men's sail leaving tomorrow, but he is a bit under the weather. Get well, soon, Dan and thank you again for these great pictures. The guys are heading out tomorrow and the Ardelle now has a wood stove, a sink, bunks to sleep 12 and the galley is amazing. Harold, Henry, Davis, Bruce, and Pierre and many others have been getting the boat ready for a week long sail. We have had a great start at the Maritime Heritage Center and we are taking a brief break so that Harold and the shipwrights can test the waters and sail somewhere..who knows where the wind will take them...but we think Harold wants to head to Maine. Good luck you guys and have a great sail.  The author of this blog is also getting a great opportunity to return to Bermuda to cover a great sailing event so stay tuned. It has been a great ride...thanks everyone for supporting the Ardelle and see you over Columbus Day weekend.
Harold, Robin, Bill and Kirk - great afterguard!

Lovely shot of the schooner Fame

Fame - full up

Ardelle full up, too.

Scene over the bow

Harold takes a look around.

Alabama and American Eagle

Ardelle is heading out tomorrow (Oct. 3)

The Ardelle is taking a week long sail with Harold, Steve Willard, Pierre Erhard, Davis Griffith, Henry Szostek, John Abizaid, Bruce Slifer ... we wish more of you great shipwrights could come, too. Chuck Zach, Chad, Tim...we miss you guys!

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