Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bermuda Sloops and A Jolly Good Time

Optimist Dinghies and Cruise ship in Hamilton harbor, Bermuda

A Bermuda sloop.

IODs racing in the Argo Group Gold Cup

Sloop sailing Hamilton harbor, Bermuda

These kids are here to race!
Bermuda, there is not much to say about this beautiful place except it is very unique.  I have been coming here each October off and on since 2004 to report on an event called the King Edward VII Gold Cup ... and I report on it for the newspapers or whatever magazine will take a story. So far this year the teams raced all day in Hamilton harbor and although the writing is done I thought I would post a few photos from the day. It is a rare opportunity for me to come here each year and it is always great!  Word from a friend is that Harold and the gang were last spotted in Portsmouth, NH on Monday night which means by now the men's sail has got to have gone all the way to Maine. I hope so, hope they made it to Boothbay, and I also hope they stopped to see the Gundalow in Portsmouth. Hope you guys are having fun and send me pictures if you have any!

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