Sunday, October 9, 2011

From Isle of Shoals to Provincetown - Great Sailing, Guys!

At Portsmouth harbor

Harold and the crew tell us that they had a great trip during the recent men's sail. They went to Portsmouth, Isles of Shoals, Rockport, Marblehead, Provincetown, Sctituate, and Gloucester. Harold says it blew like hell for most of it. Ardelle reached 9.6 knots on the way into Rockport and sailed out into 35 knots under full lowers.

"We thrashed her around a bit, Harold said, but,  the boat likes wind and handles a sea beautifully and through all of it only a little spray came on deck."  Harold said he had no need for rain gear, and that is dry as it was blowing 35 knots with a  full sail to windward on thier way out of Rockport. "She really is a dry boat and I think she will do fine in the really big stuff.," he said. (meaning ocean crossings!)  Thanks for the update Harold. Thank you Kathy Slifer for the photos.

Today, Sunday, looks like a great day for a public sail. Check it out at Maritime Gloucester...I think the boat leaves at 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.


  1. I have heard that Fiberglass boats are low maintenance and durable. So i want to know from you that using fiberglass boat can save the money that I spent for boat repair? Please share your views regarding this.

  2. In reply to your question about fiberglass...Fiberglass is a great medium for mass production boatbuilding and it has been around for quite awhile. Because of its longevity, today the used pleasure boat market is full of wonderful older perfectly seaworthy fiberglass boats available to families who years ago would not have been able to afford to get on the water. We have seen these families, in older fiberglass boats, cruising all over the Maine coast and having a great time. Unfortunately, hiring professionals to repair a fiberglass boat ... is almost more expensive than buying a perfectly seaworthy used one. HAB