Wednesday, October 19, 2011

At Prescott Park in Portsmouth

Heading out of the Annisquam river

Passing the old Annisquam Light - one of the nation's oldest lighthouses

Entering the Piscataqua river and Portsmouth, N.H.

On the sail, a Fin whale crossed our bow twice and we startled two young seals

An oil tanker leaves the Piscataqua

Passing Newcastle, N.H.

As we docked at Prescott Park in Porstmouth, a great group of school kids and teachers came by to say hello.

We had a look at the Gundalow, under construction at Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth

Harold talks with a fellow shipwright Paul Rollins who is building the Gundalow
This one is for you, Zach!

We are tied up at Prescott Park until Sunday! See the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard behind us. Its been there since 1800. The foto above is of the Gundalow, now under construction at Strawberry Banke museum in Portsmouth, N.H.

Yesterday, Harold and Laurie sailed out of Gloucester to Portsmouth, N.H. where we have a charter on Saturday. We took advantage of the good weather yesterday and we had a great sail. We had 15-20 knot SW winds and flat seas so we flew up the New Hampshire coast in a few hours. On our way, we had the great reward of seeing a Fin whale crossing out bow, twice, and some harbor seals at play. When we reached Portsmouth (Prescott Park to be exact) we visited our friends at the Gundalow project - a massive wooden Gundalow being built at Strawberry Banke (check it out!) and had lunch at the famous Ceres Bakery on Penhallow Street owned by a friend of the Burnhams. We chatted with shipbuilder Paul Rollins, Nate Piper and others and had a lot of folks asking us about the schooner Ardelle as it related to the Gundalow. Some Portsmouth school kids decided that the Gudalow and the Ardelle must be they are about the same age and are two great building projects ... ours now complete and the Gundalow getting close. It was great to see our Portsmouth cousins. Come by this week if you are in the neighborhood. Portsmouth is a great city by all accounts. Thanks, Nate, for the ride back to Essex yesterday. Harold is heading up today (Wednesday) for the rest of the week.

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  1. A beautiful sight seeing Ardelle sailing out of Portsmouth on Saturday afternoon as we passed Fort Constitution.
    Crew of Raven