Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Almost There! Whiskey/Rum Plank Goes on This Saturday!

Justin Ingersoll has cut many of the planks now on the Schooner Ardelle

Just coming out of the steam box!

Harold cuts a plank

The planking stage of the project is finally coming to an end. All of the inch and three quarter lower strakes are on and trunneled, and all that remains are the two inch whales around the top before we can celebrate the end of this important stage in finishing the vessel. In the old days, this is the time the crew would finally get their first pay and a celebration would often ensue. Sometimes the last plank is referred to as the whiskey plank but our good friend Bernie Power informed us during a recent Mug Up chat that where he comes from it is called the rum plank. We happen to have some rum from our friend Bruce an enticement to finish.

So...if everything goes well, that bottle will be uncorked this weekend...we are shooting for Saturday afternoon/evening...with 18 planks left. We think we can do it!! So make plans to come on by on Saturday night to celebrate.

Justin Ingersoll cutting planks

Almost done!  Planking will wrap up this Saturday!

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