Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mug Up! This Saturday at Essex Shipbuilding Museum; Stanchions, Deck Beams Are Getting Done

Bungs are in, too.

Bernie Noon has been making these beautiful mast hoops

Chad and Henry get a taste of freshly dug Essex clams. The best!

This is actually THE whiskey plank - the last plank

Dan Tobyne decided to give Scary Clown a chance to get his head together (or get his head back on) after it was dug out of the bilge. At the moment, Scary Clown is once again missing but like a bad penny, he will be back!
After two inches of rain fell yesterday, today the sun is out and it is a beautiful mid-April day. Steve, Justin and Harold are working on the stanchions and Chuck is finishing his sailmaking duties. The deck beams are being varnished and prepared...three done, about 20 to go...but the tasks are starting to multiply. Fortunately, we have a highly skilled crew who are keeping the momentum going!

Be sure and stop by the Essex Shipbuilding Museum on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. where they are hosting a Saturday Mug Up event - which includes coffee, talks, and a visit to the yard here. See you then!

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