Monday, April 11, 2011

No Rest for the Weary - Work Goes on at the Boatyard

Planking is done and the shape seems great

Zach and Chad worked a long day

Hopefully it won't spontaneously launch itself!

On the ever higher staging finishing the final plank

Last plank

Bernie Noon is making some beautiful mast hoops

Bernie making the mast hoop

Chuck Redman, making sails in the loft, watches the last plank go on.

Steve Willard who has worked tirelessly all winter puts on the last plank
The work is moving on today (Monday) but Dan Tobyne was here on Saturday photographing the final day of planking and he took some great shots as always. There is a full crew here today so I guess there is no rest for the weary and this boat will get done yet!  Thanks again to all of those great folks who have been lending us so much help and support!

Here is Aaron burning the Christmas Tree!

Mike Rutstein, owner of the pinky schooner Fame of Salem, helps scary clown hold onto a bottle of Jim Beam whiskey just after the last plank went on. Scary clown is anathema to photographer Dan Tobyne. Whenever he tries to set up a clean shot, scary clown is in the photography.  In his frustration, he has been known to hide scary clown. Recently,  he decided to throw Scary Clowns head in the bilge and body to the mud...but somehow the clown was once again resurrected for the last plank. When school groups come to visit, they can't get over the clown, wherever he is...and they couldn't quite believe it when they saw its head floating in the bilge. We could hear their excited shouts of "we found its head! we found its head!"
Thanks Nancy Dudley for this photo!

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