Monday, April 25, 2011

April Showers Means Mast, Rig, Spars Get Attention

Harold is cutting a deck beam
The Man! Dan Tobyne aloft looking down ..

...from atop the scaffolding

Bernie Noon has been making these beautiful mast hoops

Caulking is almost done

The interior frames have been oiled and polished by Steve Willard while others place the stanchions.

The rainy weather today meant that the shipwrights focused some attention on the spars and today Bruce Slifer and Bernie Power were sanding a beautiful piece of the rig. Steve Willard has also been varnishing and painting the spars while Henry S. is looking at some nice wood for some possible deadeyes. Bernie Noon is building masthoops. It is great to see some of this work going on in the barn, and it gives visitors a chance to see a different kind of skill set. The deck beams have been varnished and Harold thinks he will have all of the stanchions in by the weekend which means he can start laying down the deck beams...which will be a very interesting process.

It is great to have the mast laying out in the yard, the former mast of the Pinky Maine, and plans are taking shape to make the second mast which should also be interesting to see.

With good weather this week, it should be an interesting time. Also, it is a good time to check out the time lapse photo on the website and also come by and buy a tshirt or trunnel, or plank, as the store is open!

Spring tides are pretty high but work goes on! Just wear boots.

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