Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Close...Four More to Go...Whiskey Plank Tomorrow!

Schooner Ardelle hourly update

Harold and the crew got 7 planks on yesterday and today they put on four. Tomorrow, they have four left so it won't be long now and we will finish tomorrow for sure. E. Harold has gone through nearly all of his planking wood and mentioned that 80 percent of it was cut on his sawmill using local trees from around here. The other 20 percent was cut by our good friend Jim Aaron in New Salem, Mass, from exceptionally long trees he procured in Connecticut. The barn and sheds and property seem to be emptied out of wood some of which has been stored, for nearly three years. So, it is great to be able to walk around the boatyard and see all that wood that once lay all over the place now transformed into a beautiful vessel. Great work everyone! 

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  1. Contratulations from Dusty and Carolyn!!!