Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moving on to the Next Phase

This Sign is Worth a Read..!

Great shot by Dan Tobyne!

Chuck Redman has now nearly finished two sets of sails for two schooners. Well done, Chuck!

The Ardelle is also nearly completely caulked by Chuck Burnham. Nice job, Chuck!  Will Chuck R. finish before Chuck B? The race is on.

Justin Ingersoll has been working on the stanchions

Steve Willard has sanded and oiled all the interior frames..it looks so nice!
Harold is cutting wood, shipwrights are cutting, sanding and varnishing deck beams, stanchions are going in and the two masts of the Pinky Maine and the bowsprit came off yesterday. There will be a lot of restoration work on some of the Maine's main parts and Harold is anxious to get the stanchions done in order to start putting down the deck beams. There are no real races here but we have learned there is a standing competition between Chuck Redman - who is building a set of schooner sails and Chuck Burnham - who is caulking the Ardelle. Every day, when the two greet each other they say; finished yet?  Well, we think Chuck Redman may have won this one as he claims he is finished with the sails or will be tomorrow!  For now, we are still waiting to see who finishes first.

Scary Clown fell off the scaffolding and its head almost floated away with a spring tide. Harold was able to put him back together...sort of. At press time, he is lying flat on his face on a deck beam.

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