Sunday, April 3, 2011

Closing in on the Whiskey Plank

A nice interior shot of the frame and plank..looking down

Planks on here, caulking done, looking good.

Harold Is Actually Having the Time of his life as hard as the work is!

Nice view of the planks moving on up!
Harold is closing in now on the whiskey plank although the recent snow and tax time slowed things down by a day or so...but the good weather is coming and the shipwrights will have longer days...with Harold likely working til sunset every night.  The author of this blog is currently in the British Virgin Islands covering the BVI spring regatta. I can't exactly call it a hardship assignment!

Harold and shipwright Aaron Snyder standing near the steam box

Our good friend Chuck Redman had a birthday on March 31 and Perry Burnham and Hope Kincaid Summitt baked him a cake! Photo by Perry, thanks!

Laurie Fullerton is hanging out in the BVI but we bumped into our good friend Dr. Robin Tattersoll..who has lived in Tortola a long time and has attended every BVI spring regatta - 40 years! He would be sailing this one but he had a bit of boat trouble...wish we could have watched a sailing great at the helm. Hopefully, next year!

The cat has mainly children on the rail plus a few adults. What a way to spend one's youth!

This photo was taken behind Dead Man's know yo,ho,ho and a buttle of rum.

The BVI's most important celebrity Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airways and Virgin Atlantic fame. This photo was taken from a small boat looking up. A few minutes later, the crew hoisted a giant spinnaker...Branson is a well-liked local here and seems pretty down to earth - at least when he is not planning to go into outer space.


  1. I'm in San Tropai tanning. : - )

  2. It may sound like a glamorous life or bragging to say I am here...beleive it or not I am working here as a sailing journalist and guest of BVI tourism. Couldn't do it without them!! Thanks, BVI tourism! - Laurie